How to Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Tree

Hire our tree pruning professionals in Springfield, MO

By pruning your tree, you can control how it grows and help it stay healthy. However, this isn't a task you should take on alone. Without the proper tools and training, tree pruning can be a dangerous task. Rather than risking injury or property damage, reach out to Springfield Tree Service LLC to schedule tree pruning services in Springfield, MO.

Rest assured that your branch removal task will be completed safely. Call 417-294-9933 now to schedule an appointment with our tree care experts.

Save your tree from spreading disease

Save your tree from spreading disease

If your tree's branches can't be saved, depend on us to cut them down carefully. Tree pruning is necessary to remove branches that are:

  • Dead - rely on us to cut down dead branches before they fall on your home
  • Damaged - hire us to remove branches that were broken during a storm
  • Diseased- let us chop off infected branches before their diseases spread

Our team will access your tree using a bucket truck or high-quality climbing equipment. For more information about our branch removal services, contact us today.